Nicolas Sebrecht | 11 Jun 12:47 2011

[ANNOUNCE] Strong breakage found and fixed, you're asked to upgrade


We recently discovered and fixed a strong breakage which could result in
data loss. Affected releases are:

  - v6.3.3
  - v6.3.3-rc1
  - v6.3.3-rc2
  - v6.3.3-rc3
  - v6.3.4-rc1

You're asked to upgrade to either current master or next branch. The fix
is still unreleased, yet.

For more technical information about this issue, please refer to

Thanks to Peter Hutterer who raised this bug and provided all the asked
and nneeded debug logs.
Thanks to Piers Lauder and Sebastian Spaeth who worked hard on this
issue to give a fix.


Nicolas Sebrecht

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