Thomas Kahle | 2 May 11:38 2012

Re: Server responded: ('NO', ['[ALREADYEXISTS] Duplicate folder name?(Failure)'])

On 08:55 Wed 02 May 2012, Alex S√łndergaard wrote:
> Hi,
> > I seem to have sorted this out, so no need for anyone to waste time
> > replying. Apologies for the noise.
> how did you sort out this issue?
> I've just upgraded from 6.5.3 to and I'm encountering the same issue. It
> seems to be related to nametrans, but my configuration hasn't changed...

Triplecheck your nametrans rules (I mean: play around with the functions
in a python shell!).  It seems like some not entirely correct functions
where accepted before:

(from Changelog)

-) Fixed some cases where invalid nametrans rules were not caught and we
would not propagate local folders to the remote repository. (now tested
in test03)



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