Chris Halls | 3 Mar 18:57 2008

pulse check

Hi Josh

On Monday 11 Feb 2008, Josh Restivo wrote:
> I've tried contacting most developers associated with this project and have
> been unsuccessful in eliciting a response. 

Oops, sorry I just noticed you contacted me too, sorry!

> The project page is broken 
> (can't post to forums). 

Hmm, thanks for pointing that out. I don't have the rights to fix this but 
I've emailed Joseph about this.

> Is anyone still tending to this code? If so, I'd 
> like to chat off-list.

Yes I am, although its just every now and again. I'll reply to your off list 
email you sent.

> Also, the pyflag project has a python wrapper for libpst (possibly original
> libpst). The wrapper is claimed to be necessary to handle the many memory
> leaks of libpst. Has any of this been addressed or is readpst prone to
> fatal choking on unexpected input?

I fixed lots & lots of memory leak bugs and it works ok for me with the test 
pst files I have.  I have done quite a bit of testing using valgrind. As you 
say, it could be the original libpst project.