Rob Mueller | 5 Aug 07:55 2005

Re: Perdition for IMAP Failover idea..

>> It could be done, but I'm not sure expending the resources
>> would be worth it.
>> If you wait long enough Cyrus will have transactional
>> replication in the
>> future based upon this work:
>> I would put my $$ and resources into that work IMHO.
>> Jeremy
> I have seen this.... very interesting. I would love to see
> this hit the main source tree for Cyrus. My concern there
> is that is is not very consitant with Murder, which Cyrus
> has put tons of time into... and it only works on Cyrus.
> I think there is a lot to be said for a solution that
> would work with ANY imap server.

The first stage of these patches has already gone into the 2.3 CVS tree of 
cyrus. If you're feeling lucky, you can try checking out the latest from CVS 
and giving it a go. We actually use 2.3 from CVS, and have found it very 
stable and reliable, though we aren't using bleeding edge stuff like this 

I've Cc'd Ken Murchison who has been involved in incorporating these patches 
so hopefully he can give a quick summary of where they're up to :)



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