Charles Cazabon | 28 Mar 01:31 2012

Re: Organizing lots of .qmail files

Toby Betts <toby <at>> wrote:
> Over time my home directory has grown to now be about 85.9% .qmail files
> Ideally I'd end up with a single ~/aliases.cdb file or a ~/.qmail/
> directory, however if I edit the homedir field of a /var/qmail/users/assign
> file

You shouldn't need to use the "wrong" value for homedir - simply setting the
"dash" field to "/" instead of "-" should cause qmail to look for
~/.qmail/ext1/ext2 (giving you your nice organized hierarchy and getting the
files out of your homedir) instead of ~/.qmail-ext1-ext2, etc.  At least I
recall others mentioning that they do this.


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