Jim Kubicek | 1 Aug 18:09 2003

Limiting Logins to sqwebmail under vpopmail auth_mod?

Clear DayHopefully I can get an answer to this question.  I did search the
mailing list archive, but didn't find anything about this.

I am using qmail and vpopmail with sqwebmail.  sqwebmail handles the
authentication through the vpopmail module just fine.  What I want to be
able to do is to not allow all vpopmail users to utilize sqwebmail.  Is
there some way I can reconfigure/change source code for sqwebmail to only
allow vpopmail users to authenticate against sqwebmail?  I was thinking
something along the lines of adding a field to the vpopmail database like
webmail ENUM=Y/N.  Is this possible without a huge amount of recoding, or
can I simply use a different authentication module and somehow update the
users for that module from vpopmail and still use the vpopmail virtual
domain settings?  I am pretty good with perl, so writing something to update
another module should not be an issue.  My concern comes with using another
module and not being able to utilize the vpopmail virtual domain settings.

I sure hope someone can help here.