Jesús San Miguel | 4 Mar 09:20 2005

RE: vpopmail+qmail+sqwebmail problem

Disable SELINUX if you are running FC3. It happened to me.


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Subject: [sqwebmail] vpopmail+qmail+sqwebmail problem

I have the latest versions of qmail, vpopmail and sqwebmail running.

Once I set up the virtual domains, the mail that is in the user accounts in
those virtual domains doesn't seem to be accessible via sqwebmail.

If I try to log in with say user <at> and a password, that fails.  If
I log in with user and password without a domain, it logs in, but does not
access the current emails in the account.

I can ssh to my server and then telnet to pop or imap and get to the
specific domain and log in and see the mail.  How do I get sqwebmail to see
those mails under each virtual domain?

Any help would be appreciated.