Christian Keil | 4 Jan 09:48 2011

Re: Aliasing Question & PDF Reports

Hello Andrew,

On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 9:38 AM, Andrew Colin Kissa <> wrote:

I think this is due to the way mailscanner works with postfix, as postfix puts the messages in the hold
queue then mailscanner scans them and moves them to the delivery queue where the rewriting of
the address takes place.

The trick to get the address rewritten before mailscanner handles the message could be to use the
same logic as the splitting of recipients.

YMMV as i do not use postfix so this is just a suggestion that you could test/

I am aware of that "trick" however I will loose one big thing that I really wanted my Users to see, if using split MTA's the "Mailscanner-MTA" will not be able to run RBL Checks, so my guess is that I cannot see "Listed in RBL" in the Quarantine or is there any option to let Spamassassin/Mailscanner do the trick so users see all Rejected Mails ?

I'm also Wondering if I can disable LOW Spam Score for Baruwa and simply use SPAM/HAM , I dont want to confuse my Users.

I basically just want to reject mails for non existing domains/mailboxes and put everything else into the Quarantine, its abit overhead but I have too many ppl asking for mail log checks due to rbls or policys.

Kind Regards
Christian Keil
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