Erik Hetzner | 25 Apr 04:38 2014

wanderlust packages

Hi all,

I have been putting together packages for Wanderlust (and its
dependencies: APEL, FLIM, and SEMI). This has proven difficult, not
for technical reasons, but because of the current fragmentation of the
Wanderlust community.

However, while we are working out those issues, I have put together a
package archive for WL, built from the github repos. You can add it to
your package archives as follows:

  (add-to-list 'package-archives
    '("e6h" . ""))

After running package-refresh-contents, you should be able to install
the wanderlust package. The apel, flim and semi dependencies will be
installed automatically.

If you are able to test this, I would appreciate it. Please feel free
to create issues on the github repo:

After installing Wanderlust using this, I needed to restart emacs to
get it to work properly.

This is currently built by hand using my MELPA branch:

You can view the recipes used to build it here:

When the issues with repos, branches, etc. are fixed, I will push this

best, Erik


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