theREALmxyzptlk | 1 Sep 12:37 2005

FA eBay

 More up...Alio Die, Fenton (aka Dan Abrams/Shuttle 358 on Plop), new 
Larry Heard (Loose Fingers), Clear Presents: Twisted Love Songs (OOP on 
P-Vine [Japan]  ),  Gimmik (Toytronic), Eyephone (Source), Arpanet 
(Rephlex), Pandatone (Neo-Ouija), DMX Krew (2xCD on Rephlex), Datach'i, 
Elekibass, Thee More Shallows, The Red Crayola, Multiplex (rmxs-feat. 
Proem, Digitonal, Novel 23, etc.), Picastro, The Necks, Young Marble 
Giants, Richard X, The Hacker, Vulva (Source), The Orchids (LTM), Windor 
for the Derby, Morr Music Japan Tour (sealed), Sleeping People, Link & 
E261, A Theory of Evolution (Warp/TVT), Organised by Reel (Clear 
sublabel licensed to P-Vine: B12, Ibbotsen, Deepart, etc. OOP), The 
Buddy System (U-Cover 655 pressed), Dempsey, Reload (A Collection of 
Short Stories-Infonet), Wells/Stefan Schenider/Whitehead/B. Morgenstern: 
Pick-Up Sticks, Echo Depth Finders (Meteosound), Kettel, many more. No 


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