Julia Grant | 1 Oct 16:45 2005

OT: Turismo

Hi guys, sorry, very off topic but trying to get to as many people as poss...
Tonight is supposedly the last ever Turismo gig as they've decided to split up. Turismo are an unsigned Hull band and, in my opinion, only bettered by TBS, HMs and BNL. Please, please, please, anyone who I've forced to listen to their music and has actually enjoyed it, tell them that all they need is a decent manager and a bit more determination and how dare they be so selfish as to go and split up!!
If you get a chance, either leave a message on their forum at http://www.network54.com/Index/46873 or send supportive/threatening emails to...
Baggott (singer/songwriter) - paul <at> turismouk.co.uk
Presty (guitar) - jon <at> turismouk.co.uk
Btw, anyone who'd like some mp3s, just lmk and I'll see what I can do, next time I'm near a computer.
Thanks for reading,