JumpJet Mailbox | 14 Jan 20:37 2008

Re: Server Contact Information

To address these issues point by point...

  About 1/3 of the existing Gopher Clients can NOT recognize a document written in the HyperText Markup
Language [HTML] natively (experiment for yourself with the Clients at: 
gopher://home.jumpjet.info/11/Begin_Here/Clients ).  This ability to read HTML was backfitted to
several Clients only years after the initial release of the Gopher protocol, and never made it into some of
the older Clients (external reading of an HTML file is of course possible with any Client).

  With some major Gopher Servers, if you add the file to the "menu" (where you can indeed associate a label to
the file), the file will appear TWICE on the page (once, at the beginning, as the Server reads the menu file;
and again later on as the Server lists the files in the directory).  An example is a page served-up by the
GopherS Server.

  The Majority of available Gopher Servers are Gopher0, NOT Gopher Plus.  Also the majority of Gopher Servers
connected to the Internet are NOT Gopher Plus.  Gopher Plus is ONLY a PROPOSED extension to Gopher, and was
NEVER officially adopted as a standard.

  it is stupid NOT to include Server Contact Information on a Gopher Server connected to the Internet.  What
you get when contact information is not included, are issues like Cameron experienced, which prompted
this thread.  

"Aaron J. Angel" <thatoneguy@...> wrote:
  Avery M. wrote:
> Is this part of the Gopher standard or did you invent it just now?

Invented. The document referenced is a proposal. A few comments about 
the referenced document...

The inability to embed links into a document is not the fault of the 
protocol, but a fact of that document's format. One can easily serve a 
Hypertext document on a Gopher site and links will work just fine.

Also, Gopher *can* "associate a freeform label directly with a file"; 
this is done in the menu.

There's also a standard mechanism to identify attributes of Gopher items 
using Gopher+, e.g., +INFO, +ADMIN, +ABSTRACT blocks, effectively making 
the proposal unnecessary.

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