Andreas Ericsson | 1 Nov 13:59 2007

Re: Error: Function nebmodule_init() in module '/usr/local/nagios/bin/ndomod.o' returned an error.

Steffen Poulsen wrote:
> Hi,
> We have just tried upgrading to 3.0b6, and ndo 1.4b7.
> While nagios itself definetely seems more stable in this version (thanks!), ndo is not able to load properly:
> [1193912686] Caught SIGHUP, restarting...
> [1193912688] Nagios 3.0b6 starting... (PID=1125)
> [1193912688] LOG VERSION: 2.0
> [1193912688] ndomod: NDOMOD 1.4b7 (10-31-2007) Copyright (c) 2005-2007 Ethan Galstad (nagios <at>
> [1193912688] Error: Function nebmodule_init() in module '/usr/local/nagios/bin/ndomod.o'
returned an error.  Module will be unloaded.
> [1193912688] Event broker module '/usr/local/nagios/bin/ndomod.o' deinitialized successfully.
> Unfortunately it is not explicit in what the error is, and we are unsure how to debug.
> Any ideas?

Add some logging code to the ndoutils module. With the new logging API introduced a
while back, it isn't nearly as cumbersome as it used to be.


	logit(0, TRUE, "ndoutils: something failed: %s", strerror(errno));

or some such. Chuck a peek in logging.c for the correct arguments to that
particular function. You'll have to have it protoized somewhere though, or
include logging.h from nagios include files.


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