Doug Warner | 30 Apr 15:50 2011

Re: S50n w/ 10ge Input CRCs/Discards

We're using SR optics for a short run (~3m).


On 04/29/2011 02:54 PM, Leslie wrote:
> Are you using LR optics and it's a short run? I've found f10 lr xfp's to be
> finicky if they're receiving above -4db
> Leslie
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> On Apr 29, 2011 10:53 AM, "Marcus Stoegbauer" <marcus <at>
> <mailto:marcus <at>>> wrote:
>> On 28.04.11 17:12, Doug Warner wrote:
>>> We're trying to deploy 10ge upstream to our S50n stack (read, all the port 0
>>> modules are stacking modules). We're seeing a decent amount of Input
>>> CRCs/Discards and can't get the link to go > ~120Mbps. We've replaced
>>> *everything* in this link (other than the upstream RSP) -- fiber, 10ge module,
>>> XFPs and are still seeing this problem. Flow control is off on both ends; CPU
>>> seems fairly low (<12%).
>>> Any ideas on what might be going on here? Anyone else having problems w/ 10GE
>>> on S50?
>> We used to have 10GE on one S50n (no stack), but only moderate traffic
>> levels - around 1.2 Gbps. The other side was a S25p, no noticeable
>> problems/packet loss with this setup.

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