Doug Warner | 23 May 21:26 2011

Re: S50n w/ 10ge Input CRCs/Discards

On 04/28/2011 11:12 AM, Doug Warner wrote:
> We're trying to deploy 10ge upstream to our S50n stack (read, all the port 0
> modules are stacking modules).  We're seeing a decent amount of Input
> CRCs/Discards and can't get the link to go > ~120Mbps.  We've replaced
> *everything* in this link (other than the upstream RSP) -- fiber, 10ge module,
> XFPs and are still seeing this problem.  Flow control is off on both ends; CPU
> seems fairly low (<12%).
> Any ideas on what might be going on here?  Anyone else having problems w/ 10GE
> on S50?
> -Doug

We were finally able to get enough parts in to test between our S50n and an
S25n and were able to run the line clean.

After that we pushed things back to our upstream who finally tried us on a
different Supervisor card and we were able to run clean to them.  It looks
like they had a bad 10GE port on their original Supervisor card.


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