zooko | 15 Aug 13:16 2008

Levien's attack-resistant trust metric (was: Sybil Defense (was Re: Implement hole punching to across NAT))

On Aug 15, 2008, at 0:31 AM, Pierre-Evariste Dagand wrote:

>>  The paper
>>  leaves open the question of Sybil resistance for multiple-hop  
>> routes in a
>>  decentralized system.
> If your users belong to a social network, SybilGuard might be  
> interesting :
> http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1159945
> The idea is that Sybil users will form a big cluster of identities
> that trust each other while having a small number of "trust relation"
> with honest peers. SybilGuard detects these "attack edges" thanks to
> "verifiable random walks".

This sounds a lot like Raph Levien's pioneering work on "an attack- 
resistant trust metric".

Raph implemented and ran http://advogato.org which used the trust  
metric (as well as being a hub for open source/Free Software hackers  
and arguably the earliest instance of a "social networking site").

He published his idea on a web page [1] and the idea was widely known  
and influential throughout the p2p community circa 2000.

Unfortunately, Raph never succeeded at getting his idea published in  
a peer-reviewed academic journal or conference, so now it is missing  
from the references of "SybilGuard".  Of course, it is also missing  
from the references of the original Sybil paper.  It's too bad, in my  
opinion, that things which haven't been published in the academic  
literature are so invisible to the academic literature.



[1] http://advogato.org/trust-metric.html