Aviv Zilberman | 1 May 14:32 2012

SSH key exchange in mid-session



I want to start using with libssh in order to achieve SSH communication.

The problem is that the target SSH server (not SFTP server in my case) is also configuring to drop the session after 1G or 1 hour.

I notice the following limitation of libssh in below link and I have 2 questions :


1)      As far as I understood from the RFC only the symmetric session key itself supposed to be exchange – no need to repeat the initialize handshake include asymmetric keys.

I am right ? is it done automatically ? I think openssh support it so why libssh not ?

2)      Assuming I would like to support it anyway. Is there a way to do so using libssh ? if so, what it is ?


Thanks in advance,

Aviv      Zilberman.


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