cuneytm | 6 Oct 21:59 2008

[Openthinclient-user] HELP! How to move /tmp from ramdisk to NFS

Dear All, I need Help. Will settle with quick n dirty solution =)

I am testing a couple of thinclient in native mode; i.e. running Firefox for
Intranet browsing, document upload/download and OpenOffice for document
viewing, creation.

In firefox, when you click on a document hyperlink and say "Open.." it will
start downloading file to /tmp

As my understanding the /tmp mount is on ramdisk (some article say /tmp
default size set to half size of available RAM) and obviously it fills up
and crashes OpenOffice after a few hours of casual document viewing 

If the user click Save on document hyperlink, firefox saves it to the target
folder (which is inside his home folder; nfs mount) without /tmp being

In either case, the /tmp mount ramdisk doesn't look feasible for using OTC
in web-appliance mode (firefox+openoffice).

I tried to read a couple of the scripts under initrd.img (scripts and conf)
but no clear idea on how to go about it.

Anyone can help me out? 
Thanks in advance!

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