Andreas Buchinger | 3 Sep 20:26 2008

Re: Skype?

 > Massimo,
 > I understand your point but, the OP said:
 >     Any chance to get an application like skype to run with odin? What's
 >     the status of audio support in odin? Does it work with uniaud?
 > Note the word "LIKE" between "application" and "skype".  This means the
 > OP was using Skype as an example.  I'll admit that he was probably
 > hoping that someone would say that Skype was usable, but the use of the
 > word "like" suggests he is open to other apps.
 > And personally, suggesting a good alternative application is always a
 > valid answer.  I know that I have picked up a few good apps for exactly
 > that reason.
 > David
At the time I asked here, I wanted to hear that someone had managed to run skype 
successfully on eCS and maybe share some tricks to get it to work.

I doubt if running skype is possible with odin and that's why I asked the second 
question - are there other possibilities similar to skype with eCS. English is 
not my nativ language, but David you got the point and understand my intention 

Third question was even more general - what's the status of audio support in odin.

Unfortunatly I don't get much answers on this questions. I've no problem with 
slightly off topic answers. I know, my wording isn't always precise too. But 
maybe someone can give some hints at least for question 3 - audio support in 
odin. Is there no audio support? Works flawless? Support with some drivers? 
Uniaud? Hangs like with crystal drivers and VPC? Microphone?....


PS: I found nothing on what is related to my questions. Thomas please a 
better link.

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