ade irawan | 21 Nov 03:26 2006

Re: Fungsi Disk Defragmenter

makasih bgt atas penjelasannya kepada mas2 yang ngebantu saya
sekali lagi saya ucapkan terima banyak

On 11/21/06, Tommy <abdinegoro <at>> wrote:
> Deskripsi resminya.. :
> Disk Defragmenter overview
> Disk Defragmenter locates fragmented files and folders on local volumes. A
> fragmented file or folder is split up into many pieces and scattered over
> a
> volume.
> When a volume contains a lot of fragmented files and folders, Windows
> takes
> longer to gain access to them because it requires several additional disk
> drive reads to collect the various pieces. Creating new files and folders
> also takes longer because the free space available on the volume is
> scattered. Windows must then save new files and folders to various
> locations
> on the volume.
> Disk Defragmenter moves the pieces of each file or folder to one location
> on
> the volume, so that each occupies a single, contiguous space on the disk
> drive. As a result, your system can gain access to your files and folders
> and save new ones more efficiently. By consolidating your files and
> folders,
> Disk Defragmenter also consolidates your free space, making it less likely
> that new files will be fragmented.
> The process of finding and consolidating fragmented files and folders is
> called defragmentation. The amount of time that defragmentation takes
> depends on several factors, including the size of the volume, the number
> of
> files on the volume, the amount of fragmentation, and the available local
> system resources. You can find all of the fragmented files and folders
> before defragmenting them by analyzing the volume first. You can see how
> many fragmented files and folders are saved on the volume and then decide
> whether or not you would benefit from defragmenting the volume.
> Disk Defragmenter can defragment FAT, FAT32, and NTFS formatted volumes.
> tapi bagusnya sih jgn sesering itu mas defragnya, tiap kali lakukan
> perubahan besar2an di data pada harddisk aja..kasihan hdd kita..
> Regards,
> Tommy
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> Sent: Monday, November 20, 2006 6:22 PM
> Subject: [ITCENTER] Fungsi Disk Defragmenter
> hai jagoan atawa jawara It
> ane ingin tanya fungsi Disk Defragmenter, karna ane seminggu sekali pake
> disk defragmenter (accessories klik system tools klik disk defragmenter)
> mohon penjelasan dan pencerahannya
> sebelumnya terima kasih

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