Alexis Moinet | 1 Oct 12:13 2007

Re: Some articles can be patroled, others can't

Henrik Rasmussen wrote :
> I am using an installation of MediaWiki (version 1.8.2) on which I am sysop.
> The page Speciel:Recentchanges&hidebots=0&days=30&limit=500&hidepatrolled=1 shows a list of the
latest articles, which I check and patrol when I have reviewed the changes.
> All changes is correctly listed with a red exclamation mark. Some is listed as 
> 	N b! 14:24 CRON (forskel; historik) . . Her (Diskussion | bidrag | bloker) (Redirecting to Cron)
> While others are listed as (translated from Danish)
> 	-N  ! 14:45 Pingvin (4 Changes; History) [Akmo? (4×)]
>       	    ! 14:45 (current; last) . . Akmo (Talk | contribs | block) (?Systemansvarlig)
> 	          ! 14:43 (current; last) . . Akmo (Talk | contribs | block) (?Support info til HP)
>       	    ! 14:41 (current; last) . . Akmo (Talk | contribs | block) (?Support info til HP)
> 	       N  ! 14:40 (current; last) . . Akmo (Talk | contribs | block)
> While I can patrol articles with only one revision, by clicking Changes, I am not able to patrol the each of
the multible revisions, since "current" and "last" does not contain any Patrol links
> Why is it impossible to patrol the multible revisions (neither each single revision to an article nor all
multible revisions to an article collectively)? The MediaWiki Help at does not seem to explain this.

if I click on "last", I have the [mark as patrolled edit] link (except for the N ! whose "last" is not clickable)

NB1 : a "&rcid=##" appears in the url

NB2 : you're using "enhanced Special:Recentchanges", could you try normal Recentchanges just to see if
you have the problem there too (you must click on "diff" link to see the [mark as patrolled edit] link) ?