=James Birkholz= | 1 Jan 16:05 2005

code inside user editable text?

Is it possible to insert a dynamic data retrieval function into the middle 
of an article? In other words, to allow user edits, but have something in 
the text that calls a query/table building routine. I have some articles 
that need to display data from tables in the same database that I installed 
WikiMedia into. Rather than editing that data into tables by hand, it would 
be so much easier to have a routine build the tables, and have any changes 
to the database reflected in the article automatically.

Alternate ideas might include:
1) putting the logic in the overall page display logic (as part of a 
Special: page?), but would prefer to have it in the main article text, not 
as a footer
2) using links to point to non-wiki pages that display the tables (again, 
prefer to have the data in the main article text, not hidden on other pages


James Birkholz
admin, Posen-L mailing list and website