Oliver Kuhl | 4 Jul 00:03 2004

Re: Updating Special:Wantedpages

Zitat von Jason Smithson <wikipedia.jason@...>:

> On Sat, Jul 03, 2004 at 01:14:45PM +0200, Oliver Kuhl wrote:
> > If I got it right Wantedpages will list all wikilinks, which lead to non
> > existent pages. I think that a maintenance job has to search for those
> pages,
> > but I am not really shure because I didn't find a documentation about the
> > maintenance scripts.
> Pages only show up by default when there are two or more links to them.
> Brion provided this fix:
> In SpecialWantedpages.php change:
>   "FROM brokenlinks GROUP BY bl_to HAVING nlinks > 1 " .
> to:
>   "FROM brokenlinks GROUP BY bl_to HAVING nlinks >= 1 " .
Thanks a lot! This one worked and I could change the query a bit more to fit my
needs (i.e. filter out any discussion pages). Now I understand a bit more...