Tomoaki Okayama | 10 Oct 13:35 2009

TeX Live in unstable

Dear Fink users/developers,

I am pleased to announce that TeX Live is now available on
10.4/10.5/10.6 in unstable. Enjoy it!

- (3.5.7-1, update)
- (0.20080822-1, new)
- (0.20080816-1, new)

For users:
One way to switch from teTeX to TeX Live is as follows:

$ fink remove -r tetex-texmf

(take a memo of all packages that will be removed)

$ fink install texlive

Then re-install the packages that were removed. That's it.

Notice that the following packages

 breqn, chess-tex, cm-super, ctan-other-misc, ctan-support, ed-misc,
 enumitem, feynmf, ha-prosper, ifmslide, latex-beamer, latex-figbib,
 movie15, pdfscreen, pdfslide, pdfsync, pgf, powerdot, ppower4,
 prosper, srcltx, texpower, tipa, unicode-tex, xcolor, xkeyval

are not needed since texlive-texmf now provides these packages.

For developers:
If you want to specify the dependency on TeX Live, use
"Depends: texlive-base".
At the present time, "Depends: tetex-base" or "Depends: tetex3-base"
also works, but it might be disabled in the future.

[TeX macro packages]
The packages listed above are now provided by TeX Live, but you
can still update the packages by installing files into
/sw/share/texmf (or /sw/etc/texmf.local). The order of priority
of the texmf tree is:

1. /sw/etc/texmf.local (local tree, symlinked from /sw/share/texmf-local)
2. /sw/share/texmf (for Fink packages)
3. /sw/share/texmf-dist (for TeX Live)

You are kindly requested to avoid the case that older version
packages than in TeX Live are installed in the tree 1. or 2. 
If this is the case, users are forced to use the older ones.

[Other TeX utility packages]
Some utilities that already exist in Fink, for example
 texi2html, texinfo, jadetex, xetex, dvidpfmx,
are not compiled by --without-pkg configure options.
But if you like, texlive-base can provide these packages.
Other requests are welcome; please send a patch with your

Best regards,
Tomoaki Okayama

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