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From: Konstantin Klubnichkin <kklubnichkin-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w <at> public.gmane.org>
Subject: Re: STM32W
Newsgroups: gmane.os.contiki.devel
Date: Wednesday 8th February 2012 11:45:01 UTC (over 6 years ago)
Hello, Etienne!

Thank you for the reply.

Well, in more details, there are 3 issues:
1. The latest stm32w_flasher for Linux (version 2.x.x.x) is not working at
all on my Ubuntu computer
2. The previous version of stm32w_flasher (version 1.x.x.x) starts up but
able to flash only FTDI-based boards
3. Nothing works on MB951 board (except of the nodetest application from
the EmberZNet SDK)

You right, FTDI boards are recognized by FTDI driver and named ttyUSBxx,
the STM32F-based looks like ttyACM0, but there are differences inside.

Also if you use 2.x.x.x version of the stm32w_flasher with the "old" board,
the first thing it does is an upgrade of the STM32F(?? not sure, but looks
like) firmware.
After this upgrade the USB device become composite with HID and USB serial
devices. And after upgrade I'm unable to flash it even in virtual machine,
have to reboot to WinXP.
With "old" STM32F firmware it recognized as composite device with one
serial USB, and this I'm able to flash using virtual machine.

I have no idea what is inside the firmware of the STM32F, and there are no
sources for it, or I failed to find.  The best I can do if I by incident
the STM32F firmware is upgraded - just plug the board in with the button
pressed. After this I "speak" not to STM32W, but to STM32F, and I can
xmodem  STM32F firmware into it. BTW, again, it's not documented or
mentioned anywhere, but STM32F firmware can be found
in CompositeForSTM32W.bin file near stm32w_flasher.

All this leads me to the idea that it will be easier to reverse engineer
the protocol between STM32F and stm32w_flasher and write a flasher myself,
than make this work using vendor-provided tools.
That was about the stm32w_flasher mystery.

Regarding the MB951 mystery - I have no idea how to use it. I can flash
Contiki inside, but it doesn't work. Actually I've switched to Contiki
after failed try to burn pre-compiled EmberZNet example into it (stack
claims that it is not compatible with the device). I can't debug it because
there are no soldering pads or something to connect JTAG to. So now the
best application for the stick is to put it on the Christmas tree...

Could you please notice the stm32w_flasher version? I mean the one that
work under Linux with STM32F-based boards? And  the PORT environment
variable - how did you find it?
Thank you!

2012/2/8 Etienne Dublé 

>  Hello Konstantin,
> Here at LIG we have FTDI-based and STM32F-based boards. I work on Linux
> and the stm32w_flasher provided with contiki works fine for me, in both
> cases. The only difference I see is that the serial device created by the
> kernel is not the same:
> - /dev/ttyUSB for FTDI-based boards
> - /dev/ttyACM for STM32F-based boards
> So I just have to specify the port, for example:
> export PORT=/dev/ttyACM0
> Then I can flash.
> Have a good day
> Etienne
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Best regards,
Konstantin Klubnichkin
CD: 3ms