Hansom Young | 2 Jul 15:16 2004

Re: Gnome on Cygwin error - Please help

Sreevathsa <honnavalli_sreevathsa@...> writes:

> Hnasom,
> I am sorry.. I am newbie here. Can you please give me a step wise 
> instruction of what to do, to make CyGnome work on my windows desktop??
> Thanks,
> Sreevathsa

Eh, that depends on whether you're familiar with Cygwin and GNOME 2

A rough instruction could be found on the homepage 

But currently, Cygwin GNOME 2.4 could only run roughly on Cygwin.
There're still a lot of problems there. You're expected to found them
and solve them by yourself, :-(
If you're not an experienced user on Cygwin and GNOME 2, you can just
install gtk2 and the applications based on gtk2 (GQview, dia, gftp etc). 
They could be found in section 'gtk2' and 'gtk2-apps' in Cygwin setup.exe.

Hansom Young

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