Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes | 27 Jan 21:16 2005

Re: SOLVED: cpan broken: Writing Makefile for ... NOT OK

On Thu, Jan 27, 2005 at 02:34:29PM +0100, Oliver Schoett wrote:
> Oliver Schoett wrote on 2005-01-27 12:54:
> >  Writing Makefile for Statistics::Descriptive
> >      -- NOT OK
> >  
> >
> The last line is the clue - it should contain the name of the make 
> program before the --.
> The problem is that during cpan autoconfiguration, the make program was 
> not found and hence the make program name was set empty.  This can also 
> be seen during the manual configuration:
>    The CPAN module will need a few external programs to work properly.
>    Please correct me, if I guess the wrong path for a program. Don't
>    panic if you do not have some of them, just press ENTER for those. To
>    disable the use of a download program, you can type a space followed
>    by ENTER.
>    Where is your gzip program? [/bin/gzip] 
>    Where is your tar program? [/bin/tar] 
>    Where is your unzip program? [/bin/unzip] 
>    Warning: make not found in PATH
>    Where is your make program? [] 
> This appears to be a bug, because I have /bin on the PATH and make in 
> /bin, just like the preceding programs (gzip, tar, unzip) that *were* found.
> Anyway, manually setting the make program to /bin/make fixed the 
> problem.  It would be nice though to understand why the make program was 
> not found.

Huh; having /bin in your path is a little unusual.  Does this happen
repeatably?  What version of CPAN?

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