Jon TURNEY | 2 Dec 21:28 2008

Re: Installed CygwinX and xhost not found

> So I have searched the FAQs and found a note that says to add a path statement to correct this problem.

for missing xhost, the correct FAQ is

If it's the Cygwin/X FAQ which has given you the wrong advice to adjust your 
path, can you please give me a reference so I can correct it

> Next, I reinstalled the software but I installed the CygwinX support. I checked the CygwinX
documentation and in chapter 4, it talks about starting CygwinX with either startwxin.bat, or or startx. I have searched my Cygwin files for this members and do not find them. I was
expecting to find one or more of them. 
> Do I create a startxwin file? If not, did my installation not work correctly?

See point 15.

For the startup scripts you need to install the xinit package.

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