Jon TURNEY | 3 Feb 18:42 2010

Re: Vista, new install, x server does not start, startxwin.bat missing

On 03/02/2010 01:18, Dr. M. C. Nelson wrote:
> We installed cygwin/x on a new acer laptop (vista).
> The X server does not start  from the icon, and the x server does not start
> from the command line startx
> The batch script startxwin.bat  is not present.

Don't panic about the absence of startxwin.bat.  startxwin.(bat|sh) have been 
retired in favour of a shiny new startxwin.exe [1] in an effort to make... X 
server startup more reliable :-)

I've finally got around to updating the Cygwin/X User Guide [2] to take note 
of this fact



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