marco atzeri | 27 Feb 17:36 2012

Re: most recent xfig-3.2.5b-2 broken.

On 2/27/2012 5:20 PM, George Barrick wrote:
> Subj: most recent xfig-3.5.2b-2 broken.
>                                2012.02.27.16:18:08 UT
>> I see no reason to re-install cygwin. It is purely a Avast problem
> Hi Marco,
>        I went and re-installed my antivirus so that its
> files would be stored in a better directory.  That has
> fixed my problem, as the av still slips .dll's into the
> execution stack when I run cygwin processes, but now
> my system knows where everything can be found.
>         I tested the new octave.  At first it crashed
> when I asked for plots, but then I did the:
> rebaseall -v

Hi George
if you see fork problem on the *.oct dll's of octave

please try
   "rebaseall -s 'dll|so|oct'"

> from the ash-shell, and everything works.  Both the
> latest xfig and the new octave-3.6.1 work as they
> should.  Thank you for your patience.
> George

you are welcome

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