Eliot Moss | 11 Apr 12:23 2012

Issue with XWin under xlaunch

Dear Jon (et al.) -- Perhaps this problem report was
buried in the discussion of the taskbar appearance
issue and was therefore overlooked ....

When I start XWin using xlaunch, trying to the start
programs from the .XWinrc popup menu (right-click on
the X icon, left-click on the program's entry in the
menu), programs do not start.  I get only those programs
started by my script that I told xlaunch to run.

I would like to use xlaunch, since it solves the issue
I had with the startxwin taskbar icon being visible
(when I claim it should not be, and it didn't use to
be), but not being able to start additional programs
makes this approach less useable.

Looking at this from outside, it is hard to say whether
the real issue is in xlaunch, in XWin, or the result of
some misunderstanding between them.

Regards -- Eliot Moss

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