Julian Elischer | 17 Jan 19:56 2012

Re: FreeBSD has serious problems with focus, longevity, and lifecycle

On 1/17/12 7:39 AM, Mark Felder wrote:
> Why is everyone so afraid of running -STABLE? Plenty of stuff gets 
> MFC'd. Yeah, I agree -- running -RELEASE is difficult. Hell, it's 
> frustrating to us that VMWare only supports -RELEASE and it took 
> until ESX 5 to officially support 8.2!
> More releases / snapshots of -STABLE helps people on physical 
> servers, but anyone who runs VMs on Xen or VMWare won't get any 
> support for those versions because they didn't go through the QA 
> process yet. FreeBSD is increasingly becoming a third world citizen 
> thanks to virtualization efforts being focused on Linux, so I feel 
> that more frequent releases won't help as many people as you think.

I'm going to go both ways on this one.

Where I used to work (Devin Teske is now there)  we used to use
the 'stable' branch and rolll our own releases.
the criticality of those systems was hard to over-emphasize. In 2005 
we worked
out we processed 1.5 trillion dollars of transactions on those systems.

The other side of the coin is that we had the resources to have 
someone (me)
tracking the branch. I only spun a release when I thought it was a 
good time to
do so, but I always had a year or so advance warning of when a new 
release was
likely to be needed so I could select a good moment from over a wide 
Also ran a layer on the top of the sources where I could  add 
back-ports and changes as part of our release.

If it came to that maybe all the people who are currently saying they 
need better
support of the 8.x branch could get together and together, support 
to do that job for them..would 1/5th of  a person be too expensive for 

if not, what is a reasonable cost?  Is it worth 1/20 th of a person?


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