Adam Vande More | 18 Jan 19:27 2012

Re: FreeBSD has serious problems with focus, longevity, and lifecycle

On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 11:49 AM, Julian Elischer <julian <at>>wrote:

> we really need a bud-submitting-user advocate..
> Someone (need not have a commit bit) who doesn't take charge of the patch,
> but, rather,
> acts as a project manager in hte process of getting it in.
> i.e. finding, and then pinging the approriate developer, and occasionally
> nagging them or
> finding an alternate dev if the first choice is unresponsive.
> diplomatic skill would be important..  maybe a woman might be best in
> this job as the developers tend to not want to be rude to women :-)  .

I've suggested this before without much response, but since this thread
seems to be encouraging repetition I'll give it another go.  ;)

I think a bounty system would be very effective(e.g. micro-donations of
recent political campaigns) in getting many of these problems resolved.
The main problem with a bounty system is getting people to pay since
certain needs/desires lose their urgency over time.  To address this, the
system needs to be an escrow type setup where money is pooled until project
is complete, then payment in full is given.

There are large barriers to entry in setting up such a system though such
as legal and financial hurdles.  I don't believe the technical hurdles are
over-whelming and I would be willing develop a web front end for such a
system.  Because of the barriers I believe such a system should be setup
and spun off by the FreeBSD Foundation and I don't want to do any dev
unless there is some momentum.


Adam Vande More
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