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From: Deirdre Straughan <deirdre.straughan <at> joyent.com>
Subject: [announce] illumos news
Newsgroups: gmane.os.illumos.announce
Date: Wednesday 8th February 2012 20:13:36 UTC (over 6 years ago)
As many of you know or will have guessed, in December I was asked by the
illumos admin council to become the illumos community manager, in addition
to my job as Joyent's SmartOS community manager. My boss at Joyent, Bryan
Cantrill, is happy for me to take on this additional role for the benefit
of the larger illumos community.

For those who don't already know me, here's how I introduced myself to the
SmartOS community back in September:

The tasks encompassed by my new role are still being defined, but they
include fostering community communications, and encouraging transparency.
As part of that, I hope to do newsletters like this once a month or so.

So let's talk about how illumos as a community is working...

*illumos Governance*

I use the term tongue in cheek, because we've been light on governance and
are largely agreed on keeping it that way. The historical reasons for our
reluctance to be governed can be learned in Bryan's now-famous "lawnmower"
speech at USENIX LISA '11: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zRN7XLCRhc.
Garrett talks about his philosophy of governance for illumos in Part 2 of
his SCALE talk (below).

When Garrett announced the illumos project in August, 2010, he formed
separate administrative and technical councils. The Admin Council was
intended to draw from a broad spectrum of community members who were not
necessarily developers, but would have some name recognition or would
contribute in other ways. The council makes administrative decisions such
as how the illumos foundation will be formed and funded (more on that in a

Current membership:

   1. Simon Phipps, consultant
   2. Evan Powell, Nexenta
   3. Garrett D'Amore, startup
   4. Andre van Eyssen, Frontline Systems Australia
   5. Alasdair Lumsden, EveryCity
   6. Bryan Cantrill, Joyent (joined Feb 1)

The Dev Council, originally drawn from well-known developers of Solaris, is
a technical steering committee whose role is to make high-level
architecture decisions.

Current membership:

   1. Garrett D'Amore
   2. Bryan Cantrill
   3. Adam Leventhal, Delphix
   4. Rich Lowe, unaffiliated
   5. Jim Carlson, ?

The Dev Council also appoints the illumos Advocates, a very
narrowly-focused list of people who integrate code:

   1. Adam Leventhal
   2. Rich Lowe
   3. Robert Mustacchi, Joyent
   4. Eric Schrock, Delphix
   5. Garrett D'Amore
   6. Gordon Ross
   7. Albert Lee, Nexenta

*The illumos Foundation*

The illumos trademark was (and still is, for now) in the hands of Garrett
D'Amore, founder of the project. His intention from the start was to hand
it all over to a body which would protect illumos as an open source
project, and protect its contributors from, eg, lawsuits. It now appears
that the best way to do this will be to form a "trade association" as
defined under US tax law - a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization, similar to
the Linux Foundation. We're working on this, and will keep the community
informed as we make progress.

Once that is settled, it will be possible for the new illumos foundation to
take in and disburse funds (and, yes, sell t-shirts!).

In the meantime, the project is supported by the generous contributions (in
staff time, code, and services) of a few companies: EveryCity, Joyent,
Listbox, Nexenta, Emulex, and others as well as a number of energetic
individual contributors.


Another communications area we're working on (along with other
contributors!) is the illumos website. The illumos infrastructure team
(Bryan Horstmann-Allen, Josh Clulow and Rich Lowe) have set up
http://wiki.illumos.org, which will be
the home for illumos documentation
and other material (we're moving over and cleaning up the old content from
the Redmine wiki). There is also room for any and all of illumos' children
to keep whatever distro-specific information and documentation they wish.

If you want to contribute to the wiki, sign up and go!


Here's some detail on events, past and future:

*illumos Meetup *

Jan 10, Delphix's Menlo Park office

In honor of the 10th anniversary of ZFS, this meetup was mostly about
what's happening in ZFS now and the near future. See Adam Leventhal's post
for details
and videos.

This was also streamed live on UStream; we encourage others to stream
and/or record their events for the global illumos community to share. (If
you need technical help with that, let us know.)

*SCALE 10x*

Garrett D'Amore spoke and ran an illumos booth at SCALE last year, and was
invited back to speak this year, along with Robert Mustacchi and Brendan
Gregg of Joyent and Gordon Ross of Nexenta. The talks were well attended,
and the videos now available online are getting hundreds of views:

   - ***Experiences Starting an Open Source Operating
   * - Garrett - *

   - ***Performance Analysis: new tools and concepts from the
   * - *Brendan -
   - ***Using SmartOS as a
   * - *Robert -
   - …more to come!

We also had a busy booth, giving away illumos t-shirts and educating the
1500 attendees on illumos, SmartOS, Joyent, Nexenta… Many thanks to Delya
Bakhisheva of Nexenta who managed the booth, which she and a Nexenta
staffer manned along with Shannon Fiume and Alex Salkever of Joyent. Joyent
also sponsored a crowded BoF session Saturday evening.


Linda Kateley of Nexenta organized an illumos booth and meetup at FOSDEM in
Belgium, as well as a talk on illumian, Nexenta's new distro.

*Upcoming illumos Events*


April 3, San Francisco - This is a DTrace community event (since DTrace is
in other OSes besides illumos), sponsored by Joyent (anyone else interested
in sponsoring should contact [email protected]), info and registration
here: http://wiki.smartos.org/display/DOC/dtrace.conf

*Future illumos Meetups*

If we can find some meaty content to present, we may have another illumos
meetup in the Bay Area in late February/early March - suggestions welcome,
who would you like to hear speak, and about what, related to illumos?

We're also thinking of having an informal get-together the evening of
Monday, April 2nd, at Joyent's San Francisco offices (assuming that some
people traveling in for the dtrace.conf attendees may be interested in

If you would like to have an illumos meetup in your area and need help with
speakers or getting the word out, please ask.

A list of past and future illumos events is here:
If you know of
any other events at which illumos will be present, feel free to add. If
you've got an idea for a place and time or event where illumos should be
represented, please let us know how we can help.

I hope this newsletter format does not discourage dialog. I've been working
with online communities for a long time, and have always found that "my"
best ideas came from community members. Please DO respond, let us know what
you think, make suggestions, tell us how we can make this illumos
experience easier and better for you.

best regards,
Deirdré Straughan
illumos Community Manager

cell 720 371 4107

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