icbao | 3 Mar 05:58 2011

Re: Problem IAR simulate uC/OS II with msp430fg4619

  I have the same proble as you, "Warning[408]: Only 16bit will be pushed to 
the stack. Use size specifier to avoid warning. 
C:\Users\JC_hlhj\Desktop\MSP430_project\OS_Ports\Os_cpu_a.s43 226"£¬how to 
solve it? 
Thank you! 

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> Hello all,
> I'm having a problem on simulating uC/OS II version 2.76 with
> msp430fg4619 on IAR 3.42 (evaluation 30 days). It's error in the
> function OSTaskStkInit in the file os_cpu_c.c that it can not return
> to the right function that it is from (function that call
> OSTaskStkInit). This uC/OS II, which I used, can work with the
> simulation mode of IAR with msp430f1612. I think that to work with
> msp430fg4619, I have to edit some cpu specific include files (such as
> <msp430x1xx.h> to <msp430xG46x.h>) only. Is this enough? (I see that
> timer mechanism and register of these 2 mcus are the same, so only
> edit .h file everything will  be ok)
> Note : when I rebuild my IAR project for msp430fg4619 it warns
> Warning[408]: Only 16bit will be pushed to the stack. Use size
> specifier to avoid warning. C:\Documents and
> Settings\root\Desktop\UCOS-MSP430_complete_prj4\UCOS-MSP430_complete_prj1\UCOS-MSP430\APPLICATION\Os_cpu_a.s43
> 125 
> I think, I have to editthis file to use 16 bit data but I see that it
> is an assembly file and the warns are every line of this code
>             push     r4
>             push     r5
>             push     r6
>             push     r7
>             push     r8
>             push     r9
>             push     r10
>             push     r11
>             push     r12
>             push     r13
>             push     r14
>             push     r15
> How can I edit it to 16 bits data?, Is it 16 bits data? (If you want
> more informations please tell me)
> Thank you very much
> Ukyo Yagamura