David Gwynne | 18 Mar 01:34 2013

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Module name:	src
Changes by:	dlg <at> cvs.openbsd.org	2013/03/17 18:34:48

Added files:
	usr.sbin/identd: Makefile identd.8 identd.c 

Log message:
this is a new identd daemon to replace the libexec one that can be run
from inetd. it is an event driven non-blocking implemention using libevent.

it features support for privilege separation and revocation. network
connections are handled by a chrooted and unprivileged process, while the
username lookups are handled by an unprivileged process. the lookups can
block while the network handling can continue.

it also features support for handling concurrent client connections.

its currently lacking support for handling dotfiles in homedirs like the
libexec one, and some error handling on accept. its going into the tree
so it can be worked on with a history of changes.