Imre Oolberg | 25 Aug 14:52 2008

Re: IPSEC VPN between OpenBSD and Linux (OpenSwan)


> I'm basically trying to setup a VPN between a linux box (debian) and an 
> OpenBSD one.

I am not a seasoned IPSec user but i tried out couple of configurations 
and one of them was Debian with Racoon and OpenBSD's native isakmpd.

I based my experimentation on article which is about FreeBSD's Racoon 
and OpenBSD

I dont believe you read fluently Estonian but if you do, please :)

Maybe examples are of some use, still.


PS I am sorry if you insist using OpenSwan and i started talking about 
Racoon, havent tried OpenSwan out myself yet. And also havent built 
anything big with ipsec.