Michel Belleau | 2 Apr 23:45 2012

Re: Etherstub Persistence

Thank you John, this is just what I found out reading the source code.

I'll try it out, for sure!


2012/4/2 John Sonnenschein <johnsonnenschein-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w@public.gmane.org>
It's the etherstub property. Just something like etherstub=stub0 in the config file. It needs to end in a number (which is a weird architectural decision, but whatever)

On 2012-04-01, at 10:17 PM, Michel Belleau wrote:

> Hi.
> What is the syntax for etherstub persistence in the /usbkey/config configuration file?
> I see this in the latest changelog, but can't figure out where to find the documentation (except looking at the source code on github).
> Thanks,
> Michel
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