Bob Waldrop | 28 Apr 03:34 2012

Whitewash Bob's Roof Day plus Mapping/data site find story on white roofs impacts

Whitewash Bob’s Roof Day is coming up June 2, 2012, this is a free workshop at my house in OKC, where we will
whitewash my roof.

For info on the benefits of white roofs, see . . .  

For info on the whitewashing of roofs, a very cheap way to get a white roof, see. . . 

There’s also a thread in the archives of this group from last year.

Anyone in the neighborhood is welcome to stop by.  Let me know you’re coming by email to bwaldrop <at>
or by signing up with the FB event, .

I am also participating in an experiment that will apply a non-toxic coating after the whitewash has cured. 
The goal is to extend the life of the whitewash from 2-3 years to 8-9 years. 

A full report will be written and posted.

Bob Waldrop, OKC

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