bitch | 28 Sep 02:27 2006

Re: [bitch] Chemistry question

At 09:25 PM 9/22/2006, Reese wrote:
>This probably isn't the right forum to ask a question like this but
>I'm hoping someone will know someone and I might be able to get an
>answer that way.
>I'm curious about stochastic mixtures of H2 and O2 gases being used
>to enhance the combustion of gasoline in automobile engines, I'm very
>curious if hydrogen embrittlement is a factor as it is with pure H2
>gas and just about all metals except stainless steel.

dude. you so don't need to know more about mixing gases.

I'm so glad we're over hump day for hurricane season and probably won't get 
hit (knocks on wood) because Reese went out and bought 25 gazongazillion 
cans of beans in case we're holed up without electricity for awhile. I'm 
tellin' ya: I'm NOT interested in being cooped up in a sweaty, hot house 
with Reese and sonshine stankin' up the place.


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