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Re: Stops along CA hwy 1 from San Luis Obispo to Monterey


I live in Simi Valley and tried to park the motorhome overnight at the Simi Valley Walmart about 18 months ago.

The assistant manager told me that it was OK with her, but that the police would not like it.  She suggested I
call the police and ask them if it was OK.  I called the police and they told me in no uncertain terms that it
would NOT be OK.

The rest area near Gaviota is very small.  I don't doubt that you could park there overnight, *IF* you can get a
parking spot.  I wouldn't count on it.  

Just a few miles south of Gaviota is a rest area called "Vista Point", where we park overnight all the time. 
It's a great place with a great view of both the sunset and the sunrise.

It's a big turnout and is separated from the rt 101 roadway by a big berm. You often find truckers and RVs
parked there overnight. No one will bother you about overnight parking. We feel safe there, but normal
cautious behavior would be prudent. This is a great resource if you're just traveling north or south, or if
you can't get into one of the state parks until the next day, or similar. 

The turnout is called "Vista Point" it is North of Refugio State Beach and South of Gaviota State Beach. This
is a turnout from the southbound lane (although right at this point, the road is going East). There's a sign
1/4 mile before the turnout labeled "Vista Point".

To get there from Northbound 101, which is going West at this point on the coast, you pass the Mariposa Reina
off ramp. You'll have the opportunity to make a U-Turn at an official crossover point about two miles
further on. Take the first official U-Turn after Mariposa Reina. There's a turn lane, so you can move left
into the turn lane and wait for Southbound traffic to ease. Turn around and go back a bit under a mile towards
Mariposa Reina to the well marked turnoff for the "Vista Point."

Traveling southbound on the U.S. Highway 101, approximately 5 miles past Gaviota State Park, look for a
sign saying "Vista Point" and for the old concrete arch bridge on your right. Turn out just after the

Here are the GPS coordinates for Vista Point: 
N 34° 28.445 W 120° 08.450 10S E 762601 N 3818433

This turnout seems to have been constructed using the old Pacific Coast Highway road surface that
continues east from the Arroyo Hondo Bridge, built in 1918, which is now abandoned.

Here is a photo of the Arroyo Hondo Bridge:
The viewpoint is from the Vista Point Turnout, looking west, with the railroad bridge on the left, the
abandoned Arroyo Hondo arch bridge on the right and the current route 101 to the far right, which is now on a "fill".

Here's a photo of the railroad trestle from the "beach"
Just beyond the trestle on the right side is the Vista Point turnout.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Group;
I have not asked for help before as I have the location downloads but am
aghast at all the NOP's for CA. I will be leaving Mountain Center, CA on
3/29 headed to a nieces house in Marina, CA. Thought I would meander up
the coast...Even getting from Mt Ctr to San Luis Obispo is rough. The
only WM's that I find okay for parking are at Simi Valley and Paso
Robles. On my map there are roadside rest areas at Gaviota. Would
anyone know if one can sleep there overnight? Would anyone have some
suggestions of where to spend the night between San Luis Obispo and
Monterey? Any stops in the Los Padres Natl For? We can park at my
niece's house in Marina as the WM at that location is NOP too.

From Marina we shall continue north on Hwy 1 to the OR border. If anyone
has suggestions for that area too I will appreciate it. I have a 26ft
class C and will be pulling my car behind. Getting into the Redwood
Parks can be difficult with that length.
Thanks for the help,
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