Sole Acha, Xavi | 9 Oct 12:08 2012

DESeq with 3 sample types

Dear listers,

I have SOLiD Small-RNA Seq data for 250 samples, which are divided into three sample types: 1 (n=50), 2
(n=100) and 3 (n=100). I have a couple of doubts regarding how to proceed with the differential expression analysis:

1) I want to compute differential expression analysis between each pair of sample types (1 vs. 2, 1 vs. 3, 2
vs. 3). Do I need to estimate the dispersions of each miRNA for each comparison (using only the two sample
types of interest in that comparison)? Or is it better to estimate the dispersion only once using the three
sample types together and then compute the differential expression using this overall dispersion?

2) When comparing types 2 vs. 3, I have a paired experimental design (sample 1 from type 2 is the same as sample
1 from type 3). I would like to use this information to get more power in my analysis. Is it possible to
perform a paired analysis with DESeq?

Thank you very much in advance for your help!




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