Steve Lianoglou | 24 Jan 00:54 2013

Re: differential expression analysis for 1 vs 1 experiment


On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 6:31 PM, Himanshu Sharma
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> Dear All,
> I have data without replicates. So, I have a single file for condition and a single file for control. I know
doing a differential analysis will not make any sense statistically. But, I was still interested as a
biologist to figure this out. Any suggestion to how I should go ahead with the same?.
> I usually use affy package and limma for my analysis but I don't think limma works for one vs one comparison.
> Kindly let me know of any  strategy or other tools or software that could be useful for doing the same.
> Thanks in advance.

(1) RMA normalize
(2) get the `exprs()`
(3) Calculate the log fold change between your two samples
(4) look at genes/probes with highest abs() of value from step 3
(5) Verify any claims from step 4 with an independent assay.



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