Aaron Mackey | 30 Jan 16:56 2013

how to supply a vector/list of results to GenTable in topGO?

The GenTable() function in topGO expects an explicitly enumerated set of
result objects as parameters; but I've got them in a list, and don't want
to hard-code the names/results.  Is there a way to dynamically build the
parameters as a string and have the string evaluated as such when calling
GenTable?  Or some better way?

Here's what GenTable wants:

  GenTable(GOdata, Res1=res[[1]], Res2=res[[2]], Res3=res[[3]], ...)

Here's what I want to be able to do:

  GenTable(GOdata, Rmagic(res), ...)

Where "Rmagic" is a placeholder for your kindly provided answer ...


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