Antje Kammermeier | 7 Mar 10:29 2013

Annotation problem with Microarray Gene Rat ST 1.0

Dear Members,

I imported the CEL files with the ReadAffy() command. Using head() I got
following error term:

In x[seq_len(n)] :
  The use of abatch[i,] and abatch[i] is deprecated. Please use abatch[,i]

Using the  command : mm(celfiles,'10700055')[1:3,]
gives the NA in Mismatch data.

          ControlW_D3.CEL ED_01_Kd5_09_10_28.CEL ED_02_Kd14_02_03_04.CEL
107000551              NA                     NA                      NA
107000552              NA                     NA                      NA
107000553              NA                     NA                      NA

Is there any coincidence between these two commands. How can I convert the
abatch[i] format into the abatch[,i] format.

Thanks for your attention

Mrs: Kammermeier

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