DIOP M boyba | 25 Apr 11:33 2013

ChIPpeakAnno_2.8.0 assignCromosomeRegion

Dear Julie,

I am using the version 2.8.0 of your package ChIPpeakAnno.
I want to annotate a list of peaks which are in BED format and then to represent their distribution over the
genome. To do this I use the assignChromosomeRegion function to annotate my regions. In the results there
is 6 features : exon, intron, enhancer/silencer, promoter, 5 prime UTR and 3 prime UTR.

My question is where is the intergenic class ?

It is possible to have intergenic regions that are not in promoter or enhancer/silencer so how do you treat
this case ?

Best regards,

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