Platonides | 2 Mar 16:41 2011

Re: Easy code review

Happy-melon wrote:
> Then let's get a new deadline in place.  What's holding us back from 
> timetabling a 1.17wmf2??  It strikes me that the features that will appear 
> in that are fundamentally different from the blockers on the 1.17.0 tarball, 
> and as you say, all the focus seems to be on that at the expense of 
> attention to bleeding-edge code.  1.17 is feature-frozen now, we know what's 
> going into it and what work needs to be done, and we have an implicit 
> deadline (ie ASAP) for getting it finished.  A new WMF release deadline in 
> early- to mid-March would give us a much-needed incentive to wage war once 
> again against the CR backlog, and move further towards the 
> continuous-release-to-wmf model that I think we're pretty much unanimously 
> in support of.
> --HM 

Seems a good idea.