Rob Lanphier | 1 Mar 07:06 2012

State of the 1.19 deployment

On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 11:34 AM, Rob Lanphier <robla <at>> wrote:
> Just a reminder that we're deploying MediaWiki 1.19 to most Wikipedias
> in a few hours (including enwiki), starting at 23:00 UTC (3pm PST).

This work is mostly done.  The biggest known problem we have is with
language variants on the Chinese language wikis.  See:

We're going to give the original developer some time to respond on
this issue before taking action.  For now, several zh* wikis are on

We're also keeping an eye on site performance.  There's been a slight
regression in our parser cache hit rate:

The new diff colors have been temporarily reverted.  Trevor and Timo
plan to spend some time looking into the subject.  See:

Saper and Aaron have spent some time cleaning up areas where CheckUser
briefly stopped working properly:

Mostly unrelated to 1.19 (mainly correlated), we've rolled back the
Swift thumbnail deployment to correct many broken images.  We'll be
bringing Swift back online in the coming days after we've purged all
of the broken images we know of from the system.

It'd be good to have more eyes on the recent bug list:

Thanks everyone for your help in making this deployment as smooth as possible!