MZMcBride | 4 Apr 08:02 2013

Re: Proposal: Wikitech contributors

Mark A. Hershberger wrote:
>I haven't understood the resistance of the WMF to use SMW in more
>places, but putting it on MW.o would really make MW.o's non-WMF focus

If the Wikimedia Foundation put Semantic MediaWiki on, that
would mean that the Wikimedia Foundation would be committing itself to
supporting it indefinitely. While there is an active Semantic MediaWiki
community, this likely isn't an issue. But if, in a year or two, there's
nobody else willing to help out and Semantic MediaWiki breaks, it'll be
the Wikimedia Foundation's responsibility to fix Plus
there's Wikidata to consider. I can understand the hesitation here.

>Of course, if the WMF had some objective reason to avoid SMW, now would
>be a good time to clarify what those objections are.

According to <>, the
Wikimedia Foundation is now using Semantic MediaWiki (at least on a
limited basis). Most of the XSS/CSRF-type security issues have been
resolved at this point, I think. I think the general concern has been
scalability and perhaps relatedly the ability of users to execute poorly
optimized queries (maliciously or otherwise). But take this with a grain
of salt as I don't follow Semantic MediaWiki very closely. Out of
curiosity, what's the largest wiki to use Semantic MediaWiki?


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