Dani Rabinowitz | 18 Jul 15:15 2013

Online Symposium on Eli Hirsch's "Talmudic Destiny" July 28--August 04

The Association for the Philosophy of Judaism will be holding an online symposium on Eli Hirsch's paper "Talmudic Destiny" on its website (www.theapj.com) from 28 July—04 August. Symposium participants include:

John Hawthorne (Oxford)
Dean Zimmerman (Rutgers)
Chanoch Waxman (Har Etzion)
Jeff Russell (Oxford)
Jeremy Goodman (Oxford)
Eli Hirsch (Brandeis) 

All welcome to participate. 

Dr. Dani Rabinowitz 
Faculty of Philosophy
Oxford University
Radcliffe Humanities Building
Woodstock Road
United Kingdom 

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